Thursday, November 17, 2005

THANKSGIVING: off to the Oregon Coast to eat, nap, walk on the beach and reconnect with the Pacific Ocean. I grew up by the ocean, spending summers with my grandparents and brothers while our parents worked in the city. The ocean most represents the Holy to me - the beauty, the danger, the peace, the storms, giving and taking. When I set out for a walk on the beach I never know what will find. Sometimes it is hard to know what one sees, sometimes it is a banal piece of material culture and sometimes a massive tree that has been ripped loose from a distant forest. The best thing to find is glass Japanese fishing float. I don't think they are still used. When I was a child we would always find them after storms - blue green globes traveling from across the sea. Now they are rarely found. A common thing to find are sand dollars. They come in many sizes but most are about 3-4 inches in diameter. Gifts to be found and carried home to remember sandy, sunny, stormy days and nights near the great sea. Most sea life needs to be protected and admired without touching so that it will live on. So off we go to get sand in our shoes and find the rhythm of waves and tides, nights and days, wind and sun.