Sunday, August 13, 2006

The light has suddenly taken on its autumn slant. Yesterday it was summer and today it is fall. The temperature is the same, the kids are still vacationing from school - but there is that slight shift that says - get in the wood, buy the hay for the horse, start watching for frost (even though we hope that is a few weeks away). Maybe people see this elsewhere but it is very pronounced in the wide open skies of Wyoming.
Today I drove to Rock Springs to lead services for Holy Communion Episcopal Church, a talented group of people whose music ministry is delightful, varied and excellent. I do supply priest work for them whenever I have a Sunday when I can make the 2 hour drive over and 2 back across South Pass. One bonus is that usually gas is cheaper there than in Lander (40 cents right now!). I have commented before about the drive. Today I saw a fox dash across the highway and a herd of wild horse grazing as well as some sage hens waddling along the roadside.
My sermon did not turn out quite as I had envisioned it. I focused even more on the Ephesians reading than I had in my original thinking (see previous blog post). Judy Boli in her sermon shared on Sermonshop, a sermon discussion listserv from Ecunet told some great stories about the difficulties of living into the Ephesians model. As I was driving to Rock Springs, just past the town of Eden, where you have to slow down to 45 mph, two cars from Colorado blew by me at much more than the 65 mph speed limit. I had very bad thoughts about them (we call them "Greenies" for their green license plates and have the usual next door rivalries with Colorado) and even pondered giving them the traffic boors "salute" - all while thinking about the whole idea of this sermon.
This sort of spiritual "up short" happens to me often. I am feeling holier than thou and what I will tell you about how to be holy - when - bam!!! I laughed and shared it with the congregation who laughed with me (hopefully not at me too much.)
But the whole point of posting this evening is that as I was driving out of Rock Springs I learned how much this little mining town had changed. It is currently one of the fastest growing areas of our state - once again due to the mining industry, oil and gas, this time. But the kicker is - now they have both a Starbucks and a Sushi restaurant - I mean what a shock - Rock Springs - Starbucks?? Rock Springs -- Sushi?? Wow - now I have seen it all. A whiplash of history - from crossing South Pass where my great grandmother as a young girl walked with her family on the Oregon Trail to Starbucks and Sushi in Rock Springs. YIKES!!!